Join Dutchess Yoga Studio for an Unforgettable 7 Nights Yoga Retreat The Program starts from Aug 1 to Aug 8, 2021 Inclusive: 2 Daily Yoga Classes Daily Meditation Yoga-Nidra Singing Bowl Therapy Astanga Yoga Practice Accommodation with Breakfast Option Trekking/Hiking Sightseeing/Temples Massage/Ayurveda Astrology Bungy Jump/Rafting/Paragliding

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Dutchess Yoga 100 Hours Yoga Therapy Training

The program starts on April 17, 2021 Curriculum. Eliminating impurities in the organs.* Energy centre (chakras)* Channels of the body (Nadis) Physical energetic, emotional higher wisdom, spiritual dimensions (Koshas) Stress Management Imbalances in mind and emotion (depression) Fear and anxiety Singing bowl therapy Various pranayama techniques Several Meditation techniques using (Buddhi, Tratak, Humming, Mantra, Sound…

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Dutchess Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

The Programe Starts on 10th of April 2021. Early Bird Special 20 free yoga classes Curriculum Yoga Philosophy Yoga Methodology Anatomy & Physiology Pranayama/Meditation Yoga-Nidra Mantras Sequencing Alignment & Adjustment Business of Yoga  

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Dutchess Yoga – 500 Hour Teacher Training

The program starts in May 2021. 40 Free Yoga Classes Options for Full Program or By Module Modules Advanced Asana Sequencing, Hands on Adjustments, Surya Namaskar Mantras, Various Meditation Techniques, Influences of Yoga (Vedas, Dharmic Laws, Sutras, Koshas, Nadis, Chakras, Astrology, Mudras and mantras), Yoga Therapy (Ayurveda, Detox and Juicing, Injury Prevention), Yoga Anatomy, Business…

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