Dutchess Yoga – 500 Hour Teacher Training

February  2020 – December 2020

40 Free Yoga Classes

Options for Full Program or By Module


  • Advanced Asana Sequencing,
  • Hands on Adjustments,
  • Surya Namaskar Mantras,
  • Various Meditation Techniques,
  • Influences of Yoga (Vedas, Dharmic Laws, Sutras, Koshas, Nadis, Chakras, Astrology, Mudras and mantras),
  • Yoga Therapy (Ayurveda, Detox and Juicing, Injury Prevention),
  • Yoga Anatomy,
  • Business of Yoga.
  • Themes of Sequencing,
  • Working with Private Clients and Yoga Studios,
  • Developing Workshops,
  • Finding Your Voice,
  • Self Transformation and Inquiry.

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