On any spiritual path, the process of choosing a guru(teacher) is a very important one. I practiced yoga with Sandy about 10 years ago & thoroughly enjoyed it. So, recently when I decided that I will like to pursue a Yoga Teacher Training, I started to think of where & with whom I should train. I wanted someone who was knowledgeable but more importantly someone who was authentic in the practice. I’ve traveled to India and would love to train there but that’s not practical at this point of my life. All of my thoughts kept going back to Sandy. She has been to India & Nepal several times to study yoga & has trained thousands of yoga teachers there. She brings back that knowledge of authentic Hatha Yoga & is energized to share with others every time. We are very fortunate to have her right here in the Hudson Valley & I’m very blessed to have chosen her as my teacher as I deepen my study to become a yoga teacher.